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Dec 3, 2020 | Janitorial Cleaning

Microfiber Cleaning Equipment

With the first freeze of 2020 officially behind us here in the DFW metroplex it is time to start making preparations for the upcoming winter season. While the winters here do not compare to northern states we do get some occasional snow and ice. Unlike colder states where every year the state prepares for the coming winter, here in Texas it seems that people wait until the last minute to prepare for the 2 inch snowpocalypse. 


The parking lot and walkway to your business is one of the first opportunities to make a positive impression on potential customers and you only have one chance to make a positive first impression! Way too often I have found myself around the country walking to a business on an icy or snowy sidewalk. My first impression? Wet shoes. While it is just a small detail, in today’s business environment every detail matters and showcases your attention to detail. 

More than just your first impression on a customer, these icy sidewalks can be a legal liability. Unlike at home where homeowners are not usually at fault for slip and fall accidents, legal experts have stated that if a property is being used to generate income business owners have a responsibility to monitor snow and ice accumulation! 


The simple solution? Grab a bag of rock salt before it gets too cold and supply runs short. It never expires or goes bad, and is a cheap insurance policy and way to make a first impression. Consult with your janitorial company and make sure they know to put some out when snow/ice is in the forecast.

If you are looking for a janitorial solution that pays attention to details like these, and takes a sophisticated approach to keeping your business clean and healthy please let us know. Our no-obligation consult will quickly identify if we would be a good fit for you! 

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