Dec 9, 2020 | Janitorial Cleaning

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Commercial Electrostatic Disinfectant Treatment

If you’re a building owner or property manager, the Coronavirus pandemic has no doubt forced you to make some tough decisions about how to keep your facility clean and safe—and even though the world knows a lot more about COVID-19 today than we did in the beginning, there are still as many unanswered questions as there are other viruses making the rounds. With risks like salmonella. E. coli, norovirus, influenza, and human coronavirus adding to your worry load, it’s obvious that simply wiping down surfaces isn’t enough to keep facilities clean anymore. If you’re feeling in the dark and overwhelmed, don’t. We’re here to help. 

Our solution to better protection and prevention is called Electrostatic Disinfectant Treatment, better known as the electrostatic sprayer. 

Keeping Industry Alive Through Clean Tech

With the arrival of the worst flu season we’ve seen in decades, concern over the safety of public places has reached a fever pitch. Facilities everywhere are looking at new and improved ways to slow down the spread of contagious diseases.


The facts about the toll on businesses due to workplace illness are well known:

• The average employee takes 7.7 sick days a year, costing U.S. employers $225.8 billion each year.
• Unplanned absences cause a 54% decrease in productivity and 39% drop in sales and customer service.
• Cold and flu symptoms cause an overall loss in performance by 3-8%.


But when you add to this the potential COVID-19 has for sending people into long-term recovery and even closing down businesses for good, it becomes all the more urgent for building owners and property managers to safeguard their investments through effective cleaning techniques.


This is what Elevated Janitorial is all about—keeping the wheels of industry turning through the deployment of cutting-edge cleaning technology.





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