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Changing janitorial service providers isn’t an easy decision, but change is inevitable. It’s also necessary. The mop-and-bucket days are long gone, replaced by newer, environmentally safe products that require state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced hand. At Elevated, we’ve embraced the future, and it’s made us one of the most in-demand commercial and office janitorial services in the Dallas and greater Fort Worth, Texas, area. Our dedication to efficiency and perfection is the reason we service millions of square feet of commercial office space and manufacturing facilities. But are we the right match for your business? Read below to find out.

Janitorial Service Dallas


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We may be a great fit for you if you are …

  • A large, single-tenant facility.
  • A building owner seeking a higher, more efficient level of service.
  • A facility with unique cleaning requirements and need to meet special compliance like medical, manufacturing, and food and beverage companies.
  • A location with unique flow of traffic, such as a church, school, or car dealership.
  • Looking to streamline services by combining janitorial with floor care, windows, and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

We may not be a great fit for you if you are …

  • A small, one- or two-person office.
  • A high-rise building or large, multi-tenant complex.
  • A company required by your board to take the lowest bidder.
  • Located outside of the greater Dallas area.