Commercial Floor Cleaning

The well-trained and highly-skilled teams at Elevated Janitorial in Dallas, TX, know that not all floors are created equal and they cannot be cleaned in the same manner or with the same materials. Some flooring requires little maintenance and polishes up nicely, while certain floors may require specialized cleaning products or methods. Using the wrong products or tools can cause floors to not only look lackluster, but it can also actually cause potentially costly damage.

Keeping office floors clean is understandably not at the top of most manager’s minds, but it is an important detail that should be handled by qualified professionals. Elevated Janitorial is proud to clean and restore the floors of many Dallas, TX, businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries, including several in the DFW Metroplex. We use our training and cleaning expertise to thoroughly clean many different types of floors, ranging from tile to concrete to granite. Properly-cleaned floors will look their very best, but they will be protected and last longer before needing repair or replacement.

Concrete Floor Polishing

Using the wrong types of cleaning materials and tools on your concrete floors will not only make your concrete floors lose their shine, but may also open them up to damage that will cost you more over time.

VCT Floor Strip and Wax

Many commercial establishments choose to use VCT or vinyl composite tile, in high foot traffic areas. VCT is seen in many places that have high foot traffic like schools, hospitals and grocery stores.

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Professional Floor Cleaning

We know the value of having a clean office and clean floors, and our personnel have been trained specifically to understand the value of these things too. Elevated Janitorial also ensures that this understanding goes beyond mere clean and polished floors, and gives not only the establishment the attention it needs in terms of cleanliness, but also treats our clients with the respect they deserve.