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floor stripping and waxing in dallas tx

Vinyl composition tile, or VCT, is a popular flooring choice for many professional and commercial buildings. It’s affordable, attractive, simple to install, and easy to clean and maintain, so it’s a natural choice for buildings that get a large amount of foot traffic. VCT is commonly found in schools, hospitals, office buildings, and grocery stores and typically has a reflective “wet” look. For all of its ease of use benefits, however, once VCT flooring begins to wear, it tends to get dull and take on a yellowish tint.
When you notice your company’s VCT floors getting worn — or better yet, before then — give Elevated Janitorial in Dallas, TX, a call. We have the professional experience and training to know exactly how to clean and maintain VCT flooring to restore its shine. Stripping, waxing, and re-applying finish are typically needed with VCT, and hiring a company that has experience with this is crucial to ensure your floors are not damaged.

Elevated Janitorial understands the importance of having pristine flooring to reflect positively upon your business. We wouldn’t be here without our customers, and we will go out of our way to work with you on your schedule to ensure your floors are in tip-top condition.

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This process is done in three big steps – stripping and waxing, scrubbing and finishing, buffing and burnishing. All of these steps require the right equipment, cleaning materials, and expertise to get things done. Apart from these major steps in getting your VCT floors back to looking as good as new, you will also need to have these floors properly maintained with the help of an expert cleaning crew that knows exactly how to clean and polish these floors. Elevated Janitorial has the floor cleaning and floor buffing services to help you with that as well.

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