Microfiber cloth and microfiber pads have become an industry standard throughout the cleaning world in recent years. Whether microfiber is used as an attachment to cleaning equipment or as the featured fabric in a mop or dusting tool, there are several reasons why the product is so popular.


A large number of janitorial companies use cleaning equipment with microfiber attachments or microfiber cloth because of the many benefits offered by the fabric. These are made using split synthetic fibers that are infinitely finer than human hair. Such fineness allows this particular fabric to actually pick up minute dust and dirt particles from even the smallest cracks and crevices of the surfaces you are cleaning.

Aside from being able to pick up even the smallest speck of dust from any surface, this material also offers benefits that include:

  • Use less water and cleaning chemicals – These cloths are so effective at cleaning surfaces that you won’t need to use too much water or cleaning chemicals with it. In fact, it has been noted that you get to use up to 95% less cleaning solution and water when you use cleaning equipment that utilizes microfiber attachments.
  • Non-abrasive and lint-free – Microfiber cloths won’t scratch or damage any of your surfaces because these are very smooth and won’t leave behind any lint.
  • Dries surfaces better and faster – Because microfiber is highly absorbent, wiping down wet surfaces and drying off floors is easier and quicker. When you need to have your floors and other surfaces cleaned, it helps to use microfiber cleaning equipment to do this.
  • Reduces chances of slip-and-fall injuries – Because this fabric absorbs moisture quickly and dries surfaces in no time, it helps reduce the chance of people slipping, falling, and hurting themselves due to wet floors after cleaning.


Choosing to work with a cleaning company that understands the benefits of using microfiber cleaning equipment is a good decision. In the Greater Dallas, TX area, the company that provides the best microfiber-cleaned surfaces is Elevated Janitorial. We are a commercial cleaning company that offers janitorial services for a variety of commercial establishments. We also offer commercial carpet cleaning and commercial floor cleaning services.

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