No matter what business you run, day-to-day cleaning should be part of your daily maintenance routine.  While many businesses we enter have cleaning procedures in place, it’s not entirely clear all their work spaces are disinfected. In our experience, companies that clean in-house are missing a vital step in keeping customers and employees safe.

The difference between cleaning and disinfecting processes

The first step in any routine maintenance program is to clean. This involves the removal of any visible soils from hard surfaces. Removing soils extends the life of products and improves the visible appearance of your workspace. After cleaning, the next step is to disinfect. Disinfecting kills germs, viruses, and bacterias that are present on hard surfaces. If a surface isn’t initially cleaned, it reduces the efficacy of disinfecting. 

Cleaning and disinfecting products are different 

Customers assume that all cleaning and disinfectant products do the same thing. This is the most common mistake we see during our consultations.  This is simply not true. Have you ever wiped down a surface and then realized the surface was still sticky? This is because you are using the wrong product. Not only have you failed to clean the surface, you’ve also failed at disinfection. Why? Because there’s still bacteria trapped under the remaining soil. Additionally, if you’re using a cleaning product to disinfect, you run the risk of cross-contaminating other surfaces as well. 

Different surfaces have different needs

Soils, germs, and bacteria can all be removed from surfaces, but the ideal product to be used varies. Reading the fine print on cleaning and disinfecting products can be tedious and time consuming. This is what makes it so easy for steps to be missed, and assumptions to be made that the job is done. Specific products can even damage certain surfaces permanently. This can result in higher maintenance costs and increased capital spend. 

The Solution

Hire a professional cleaning service to focus on cleaning and disinfecting. Part of running a successful business is focusing on your core competency. It might be temping to have the office secretary tidy up and wipe things down to save a few dollars. In doing so, you are both taking time away from other tasks and sacrificing the quality of your work environment.  With COVID-19 and flu season upon us it is more important then ever to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. 

Undoubtedly, you will notice the difference a properly implemented cleaning and sanitizing program has on the organization. Moreover, you will sleep easier at night knowing everything will be clean and sanitized when you arrive to work every morning. 

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