3 Ways Dirty Floors Impact Your Business

Floors say a lot about your business, and oftentimes leave a lasting impression. Many business owners skip proper floor cleaning, focusing instead on what is viewable at eye level. Floors are the catch-all for dirt, dust, and debris as improperly  disposed trash follows the law of gravity and heads downward. The issue might seem trivial, but having dirty floors can negatively impact your business in several ways:

Bad First Impression

 As a business, every single thing you do communicates the care you place in your product. A good example of this would be hotels, what is your first thought when you see a stain in the carpet outside the elevator or your room door? Does that communicate quality? This impression is not just limited to customers. Other visitors such as other local business owners, suppliers, potential investors and employees notice these small details about your business. If your business leaves a bad impression on them, it might eliminate the possibility to collaborate with them in the future. 

Short Lifespans = Increased Capital Spend

Accumulation of debris and dirt shortens the lifespan of your flooring. While most people attribute this mostly to wood flooring, foreign objects can scratch and corrode other types of flooring as well. In certain settings, commonly used products might contain acid or chemicals that can cause immediate and permanent damage if not cleaned properly. The shorter the lifespan of your floors, the more you have to spend replacing them. That is capital taken away from other aspects of your business.

Decreased Productivity

Your employees are usually your number one expense on your balance sheet. You need to maximize the return you get from every single employee. Dirty floors are a prime place for bacteria growth. Employees that are sick are not as productive as healthy employees and can also lead to increased cost for health insurance. If your floors are clean, employees can concentrate on their work without being affected by health problems.

Maintain Clean Floors with Elevated Janitorial Services 

Elevated Janitorial can help your business looking and functioning properly. We take great pride in making sure every detail is handled. We use cutting edge techniques and technology to ensure lasting results. Our sales reps can discuss with you in detail the processes that take place to keep your floors looking great and your employees healthy. For more information please contact: tom@elevatedjanitorial.com




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