Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

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Did you know that how clean or how dirty your office’s carpets are can actually affect the air that you breathe in the workplace? Believe it or not, the cleanliness of your carpet, or lack thereof, actually has a huge effect on the quality of the air inside your office. If your carpets are dirty, then the air inside your office is also dirty.

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You may argue that you have your own cleaning crew vacuuming your carpets on a daily basis and that this alone will prove the air inside your office and your carpets are not dirty. What you might not know is that vacuuming your carpets without regular deep cleaning can actually worsen the situation. What your cleaning crew is doing is they are releasing contaminants in your carpet into the air, giving your office poor indoor air quality.

Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

The carpet in your office may look clean on the surface, but deep within the fibers hides contaminants that can make people in your facility sick. When people in your office get sick, it affects their overall productivity. When productivity is down, it affects your bottom line and no one wants that to happen.

To improve the quality of the air in your office, and to remove the contaminants that are hiding deep inside your carpet, commercial carpet cleaning is necessary. Professional carpet cleaners can remove dust, mold spores, dead skin cells, bacteria, and other harmful particulates from your carpets without releasing these into the air with their tried and tested cleaning methods. These cleaning experts also use cleaning materials that won’t produce noxious gases and fumes that can also affect indoor air quality.

Consistent professional carpet cleaning is a must if you want to maintain good indoor air quality in your facility. To do this properly, your office should rely on a company that can create and execute a proper carpet cleaning and maintenance routine, and the company to trust for such a task is Elevated Janitorial in the Greater Dallas area. Aside from professional carpet cleaning, we also offer janitorial services, office cleaning, and floor cleaning that will help keep your office spic and span.

We can help you keep your office clean and your indoor air quality optimal with our wide range of cleaning services. Hiring a cleaning company that knows what should be done to achieve all of these will help you keep your offices clean and productivity high. Contact us at 469-210-0646 so we can discuss your options for a cleaner and more productive facility.

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Elevated Janitorial Uses Microfiber Equipment for a Better Clean

Choosing to work with a cleaning company that understands the benefits of using microfiber cleaning equipment is a good decision. In the Greater Dallas, TX area, the company that provides the best microfiber-cleaned surfaces is Elevated Janitorial. We are a commercial cleaning company that offers janitorial services for a variety of commercial establishments. We also offer commercial carpet cleaning and commercial floor cleaning services.

When you want the kind of clean that only microfiber cleaning equipment can bring, contact us at 469-210-0646 and schedule a free assessment and estimate for your business today.




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