Reducing Costs and Staying Healthy With Clean Carpets

Two  common discussions this year with our clients talk are: How do I cut costs and stay healthy? In this article we address ways to do both! Reducing capital spend is one of the quickest ways for a facility manager to save money. However, there are other factors that are possible to reduce expenditure (such […]

You are missing a step in your in-house cleaning routine

No matter what business you run, day-to-day cleaning should be part of your daily maintenance routine.  While many businesses we enter have cleaning procedures in place, it’s not entirely clear all their work spaces are disinfected. In our experience, companies that clean in-house are missing a vital step in keeping customers and employees safe. The difference […]

Cleaning Dirty Windows

Exterior windows are one of the first things potential clients see when visiting your business! When choosing a commercial cleaning service,  it is important to make sure window cleaning is included.  There’s a reason why tall skyscrapers make sure they keep their windows clean! Keeping windows clean make a big difference to both the exterior appearance of […]

3 Ways Dirty Floors Impact Your Business

Floors say a lot about your business, and oftentimes leave a lasting impression. Many business owners skip proper floor cleaning, focusing instead on what is viewable at eye level. Floors are the catch-all for dirt, dust, and debris as improperly  disposed trash follows the law of gravity and heads downward. The issue might seem trivial, but […]

Tips on How to Keep Your Public Restroom Clean

Keeping a public restroom clean requires constant attention to detail and hard work. Since the room is simultaneously used by many people, it must be cleaned as often as possible. There are several things you can do to help maintain a public restroom’s cleanliness. The tips below not only help enhance your restroom’s healthy atmosphere, […]

Why it’s Smart to Have Antibacterial Wipes in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities deal with a lot of sick patients and bodily fluids, so it’s unsurprising that these properties have to stay clean at all times. Keeping their surroundings sanitized minimizes cross-contamination, preventing more people from getting sick. Even though healthcare facilities already have high standards for sanitation, sometimes the simplest approach can solve all sorts […]

High-Rise Cleaning for DFW Properties

Not all dirt can be easily cleaned, and this is especially true when you consider high-rise buildings and structures with high ceilings. Because people like to look up, these locations will be noticed if you let them remain dirty. When you need these lofty places cleaned, you can’t trust the task to those who are […]

Benefits of Using Microfiber Cleaning Equipment

Microfiber cloth and microfiber pads have become an industry standard throughout the cleaning world in recent years. Whether microfiber is used as an attachment to cleaning equipment or as the featured fabric in a mop or dusting tool, there are several reasons why the product is so popular. WHY MICROFIBER IS GREAT FOR CLEANING A […]